You deserve self care


Hey Beautiful,

It’s time. Time to take back control over your life right?

You’re right!


There is more to life and it starts inside of you.


I definitely feel you beautiful because I’ve been where you are.


As a cancer survivor and victor of other various tragedies I know exactly what it feels like to feel helpless, not whole, and like my life wasn’t my own. I’ve felt like an outsider, and completely exhausted and burned out. I had to go within and use the power of my Native traditions and spirituality to heal myself.

Sunset in the Woods

And I can help you take the journey of your life as well.


Hi Bonita, I’m Roni Walker, by the way. The head honcho over here on Metis Caravan, and I’m pretty sure I can help you. Why? Because that’s who I am. I’m a writer, a way-finder, and a self-empowerment expert. Oh and I’m an artist too. I help people (that means you) tap into creating and cultivating a spiritual practice that allows you to feel really good about doing the things in your life that make you feel really good.


I know... it’s all about feeling good and feeling in control.


And that’s why I do this stuff. To help you become strong within yourself so that you can get into or out of any situation that you desire to.





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My History


Mètis Caravan began as a way to feed my need to give to and help and protect animals in need.
When at first I couldn't work, I thought I could volunteer some at shelters. I wasn't physically up to that task either so I hoped to give donations instead.
       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
Mètis Caravan still does that. Proceeds go to charities for animals, for breast cancer survivors, and to fund a Native Circle.
       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
In 1986 my mother, Lee Wind co-founded the Guelph Native Women's Circle. The Circle changed and grew over the years until my mother's passing in 2008. It is now the Circle of the 7th Fire.(1)
       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
Mètis Caravan has produced limited numbers of prints of my mother's artwork to raise funds to keep that friendship Circle alive.
Our first Canadian Languages colouring book is available now.
The hope is to create many more in a series that could be introduced in public schools as a pre-introduction
to French and Ojibwa languages. This is to promote diversity and a desire in our youths to pursue diverse learning, later in their education.
All things at Mètis Caravan are designed to inspire. People are inspired perhaps to Native Studies, perhaps to learn and grow, perhaps to have fun and pretty things around them.

(1) The Circle of the 7th Fire is a Native Friendship Circle based on the prophesy of the 7th fire, which says that all religions, science and walks of life are compatible and will join as a community.
Native ceremony is the heart of this circle but all are welcome to bring their traditions, teach, learn or participate.

My Youth
As a girl growing up my Mom's Aunties and friends taught me traditional lodge teachings.
My first stories were fairy tales but my next were Nanabush tales.
The men took me to keep fire -seldom a woman's job but we all have our gifts.
Throughout all of this my Mother and Grandmother always interjected our Gypsy heritage.
We travelled a lot, selling our wares. We were on the road like Gypsies, selling our Ojibwa craft-work.


Act II
When I had my babies, I settled into a small village to raise them and live a normal, stable life.
At 35 years old that all changed. Thank Heaven my children were grown because I found I had breast cancer.
My tender age and a very progressed cancer meant really a lot of chemo and radiation treatments which left me unable to work in the conventional, scheduled way.


Blessing In Disguise
I lived with my prayers, my traditions and did my crafts to get myself to come around to life again.
Thus is Mètis Caravan: Sharing my traditions, trading my gifts, selling my crafts.
Mètis Caravan was so named for our Native and Gypsy backgrounds.
All our wares are traditional or a unique take on traditions from Native heritage and Gypsy culture.
We carry leather work, bead work, magic items, feathers on almost everything.

  *       *       *       *       *       *       *

In the old ways everything was made for a reason so most of our items have some legend attached and everything is handmade, one of a kind and eco- friendly. Everything leather or feather has been up-cycled or salvaged; no new animals are ever harmed.