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You Want




What you'll receive:

You want to get strong within yourself so that you can get into or out of any situation that you want. When having a reading with me you're with a qualified psychologist. Your reading can lead us to an empowering or comforting conversation. its always as you choose. I am here to serve.


How the reading will go:

I'll first begin with getting to know you a bit more so that the answers that we receive are crystal clear for what you are looking for clarity on. Then I'll set a pathway spread (card layout - looking at your past, present, future, what’s helping you, etc...). I'll then be talking to your animal spirits about what’s strong in you, what’s helping you to move forward, what’s getting in your way.  


The reading is about finding your strengths and finding your guides so that you can move forward.

What I Need From You:

If I haven’t met you in person or had you touch the cards, then I need you to tell me a little about your situation and what you’d like your reading to focus on. I’d need a basic question to help me know what the focus of the reading is on.

What My Reading Are Not

My readings are not fortune telling, it's about helping you to identify your strengths and what energies around you are working for you, and that helps you see what next steps to take.

Background On My Readings

My Auntie Twilah could talk to the stones and the trees and the animals. I will later add links to her books about these things.

She made some cards and taught me to read them.

Now I read from your animal totems and use Medicine Cards to do it.

Numerology has always been a huge part of my life as well.

Heck! my birthday is even the same as Nostradamus'

Card Readings

To learn more or have a reading contact me, Roni at


You can order a personalized Dreamcatcher in any style just by dropping us a line at

You tell me: Style - Fancy, Clan, Natural, Flag

                 Size - small, Medium, Large

                 Two of your favorite colours

                 Clan, Spirit Guide or Favorite animal

                 Anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your tastes

I will send you your personal dreamcatcher with traditional prayers said over it. We are at your service.




You can personalize medallions, shields, circle of life the same way.

Go ahead and ask if you would like other products made to order. We will do our best to accommodate you. We are at your service. 


The Circle of the 7th Fire

At 'The Keep' in Belwood, Ontario. We celebrate solstice and other ceremonies. You are welcome, you and all your friends. At ceremony, teachings are shared, gifts are shared and food is shared.


If you cannot join us in person, you can see what is happening on our blog, 7th Fire, here at Metis Caravan and join our Facebook group, Circle.


We share in these places about where we will be selling in person, what's happening at Circle meetings and Powwow. We tell legends and teach medicines.


Anything personal shared at Circle will always remain strictly confidential. We do not tell other people's stories. Yours is not our story to tell.

Native ceremony is at the heart of the celebrations but all are welcome to bring their own traditions. Please tell us, teach us, join us.

Circle of 7th Fire
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