We Are Celebrating!!

We're Celebrating!

This is our first Big Beautiful Blog post.

That's not the only reason to party.

Also we have our own Domain back, metiscaravan.com

We are so pleased to be back home at Wix after venturing off to supposedly greener pastures.

We actually bought the dot com but spent a year invisible and confused.

Oh, it feels so good to be back home again.

We rebuilt and set up and published – all for free.

Being Chronic Fatigue, Post-chemo Girl, it takes me a long while to get big projects up and running sometimes. I really appreciate that Wix let us get everything fully set up first instead of paying for an unmanned site during my down-time.

The big plan was to be set up and published August 1st -we did that. YAAY!!

Then bring over the dot com September 1st for the Great Grand Opening -and we're a little ahead of schedule. YAAY!! again.

BUT not ahead enough, because,, bing bang boom, the ball got rolling. Y'all signed up for news and Circle. YAAY!!

good things come in three's.

So here's my thing... by having my own Domain I have to change some back links. Because technology takes some tinkering sometimes, subscription links might also break;

If you could please, dance on over to the website, metiscaravan.com #hoponthecaravan and resubmit your subscription,

all will be well and rewards will be many.

Thanks so much for being there.

Miigwetch et Merci


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