Fire Keepers

We reset ahead of schedule because Y'All signed up in time for Cape Croker Powwow, which happened on August 12, 13, 14th this year and we may have gotten breathtaking pics, video, and stories for you.

We figured you would want those right away, right?

Here's some background and thank-you's to people at Naayashiingaming/Cape Croker for the beautiful powwow weekend!

Mike Hopkins and Gerry Gezhig were our fire keepers again this year.

They do so much good work and it's hard work.

Not only because they stay up to physically tend the fire for four days.

They are counsel to anyone who needs a medicine talk of any kind.

They spiritually tend that fire too.

The sacred fire is the representation of Great Spirit at the centre of every ceremony or gathering.

People give and take from it what they need to, as is always the way with God.Always we offer our prayers there. People come in with good feelings, gratitude and prayers and feed the fire with them.

They come in with the good intent to leave some bad feelings for the fire to transmute into good things.

That feeds the fire too.

Some come in bad spirit – purely by accident – that hurts the feeling in the fire. Those Fire Keepers work with those feelings to wash them away and bolster the fire. They stand for us much the way Eagle did.

[legend of Eagle on the blog]

They soothe Great Spirit and refuel the fire with all the good that so many of us do try to give back.

They make amends for those who don't. They put out all their own energy to do these things and more for us.

A huge thank-you to those men, Gerry and Mike, at the sacred fire!!

G'chi Miigwetch! Merci Beaucoup.

Wawaabonookomis, Petalabomeemee,

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