The Company We Keep

​Here you go. You are welcome to judge me by the company I keep. These are a few business affiliates and/or I follow them for common interests or values:

LVI, Lifevest Inside, a non- profit I am a kindness ambassador for LVI. we share and spread kindness, kind ideas for sharing with others and specifically have kindness taught in schools. I follow and would like to affiliate; selling her books, Leonie Dawson at Shining Life and Biz Academy or follow HERE to see her Shining Academy and Amazing biz and life planners Chari-Tees, mine, non profit putting people in touch with charities they might help esp. animals and breast cancer, ,page attached to my FB, ADvoCAT signs and ads, my work, can be seen at Chari-Tees site as a portion of all sign sales goes to Chari-Tees, does all printing for Metis Caravan -bus cards, signs, posters prints of paintings, etc.- also all printing for Rural Creators' Collective and Chari-Tees. Rustic Revivals, Julie Johnson, co-founder at RCC. Similar values - old fashioned,reviving and respecting history, eco friendly, personal connection craft work.

Also the taker and maker of many pictures of Roni Walker and Metis Caravan ie/ Wolf Clan Tepee, Crazy Cat Lady. HopeSpring, nonprofit cancer after- care esp. breast cancer. give or loan wigs, comfortable clothing, yoga and other workshops Dartopia, Dar Brubacher goes to Ethiopia, other places, takes photos, comes back sells them for charity which helps Ethiopia, sometimes other places. ADvoCAT does the printing. I update on Chari-Tees fairly regularly, when something is going on.

Endigo Rae, the Mosaic Soul, Connect with your spirit, Connect your multiple passions. Brand your self/biz. Divine earth

Amethyst Mahoney the Spiritual Badass.

Join the Dare to Be Badass Challenge HERE I dare you!

Margaret K. Johnson, prolific and fine author, teacher - Feel the Fear and Write Anyway, fear busting challenge for authors. Find her on YouTube!

BTW and FYI Ms. Margaret Johnson will be sharing here at in a guest post coming real soon!!! Watch for it

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