Guest Writer: Writer, Margaret Johnson

Happy Autumn, Caravan Clan!!!

I mentioned a week or so ago that we would be having a guest writer or more. Specifically I would be introducing to you Margaret Johnson.

Well here she is!!

Here to help you get over your fear and get started writing. Weather you are Gramma - looking to share memoirs with your bairne, or starting out from college, or right in the middle - wanting to share traditions, family stories, legends like me. She is the woman to help you.

When you get to the end, Don't Stop. Click some links. I did "Feel The Fear" and it was great!

A prolific (and amazing) writer. A terrific friend and mentor to have; here is Ms. Margaret K. Johnson

Feel The Fear and Write Anyway – Self-confidence for Authors

Post by Margaret K Johnson

Two years ago, I decided to put my experience of writing and getting published to good use by founding WriteUP Creative Writing Courses. When I began teaching my classes, I quickly realised that many of my students were experiencing a lot of fear about writing. Some were held back from moving on with their writing dreams because they lacked confidence in their abilities. Others were overly afraid of what people would think of them, and were reluctant to show their work to others. There were the expert procrastinators, who put anything and everything before their writing, and others who would write about 10,000 words or so of a novel before abandoning it to start a new one, never finishing anything.

Mostly, their fears were about one thing: This is my dream. What if it doesn’t work out?

Getting published was something many of wanted so much, they were terrified of failure, and in some cases, this fear was so great, they sabotaged their own chances of success without even realising they were doing it.

I decided that what was needed was a kind of foundation course to help them to deal with these fears or blocks – firstly by making them super-aware of them, and then by helping them to create a blueprint for their own personal writing habits and career. Being a practical person who learns by doing, I didn’t want to offer anything dry or theoretical, so I devised writing activities that would raise awareness and help my students to plan, and these proved to be very successful. And the beauty was, that while they were working on establishing a writing routine that worked for them, and becoming more self-confident, with increased clarity about their writing, they were actually writing too. Almost without realising it, they were learning about building three-dimensional characters, plotting, and the importance of theme in fiction to create structure and unity.

So that I can reach more people, I’ve put all this material and experience from my face-to-face courses together into an e-course called Feel The Fear and Write Anyway – Self-Confidence for Authors, and I’m really excited about it! If you think the course might be of help to you, you can find out more at, or by emailing me at

For those people who want to get a feel for whether I’m the right ‘fit’ for them, I’ve put together a free mini-e-course called The 10-Day Fear-Busting Challenge For Authors. When you sign up, you receive daily emails for ten days with links to short videos that deal with a different fear or obstacles to writing. You can sign up for the challenge here:

Wishing you lots of luck and fulfilment with your writing!



Margaret K Johnson began writing after finishing at Art College to support her career as an artist. Writing quickly replaced painting as her major passion, and these days her canvasses lay neglected in her studio.

She is the author of both non-fiction and women’s fiction published by Crooked Cat Publishing, Omnific Publishing and Earthy Works Publishing. She also writes well as award-winning original fiction readers in various genres for people learning to speak English, published by Cambridge University Press and Cengage Learning.

An experienced adult education tutor, Margaret founded WriteUP Courses in early 2015, and works with those who want to use writing as therapy as well as those who want to become published authors. Margaret has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and lives in Norwich, UK with her partner and their bouncy son and dog.

Her website is at:



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