Messege from Dragonfly

Messege From Dragonfly

At the powwow we saw a dragonfly so I told the story of Dragonfly as it was taught to me by my Uncle Tom, Spotted Eagle.

Condensed it is like this; Dragonfly once was Dragon. He was a shape-shifter. He was full of pride at being able to shift into big and powerful beings.

Coyote tricked him into becoming small, saying that he would still be powerful as he could flit fast and hide well.

Dragon became small and fast!

Coyote chased him into a hole among some rocks and covered him with more rocks so he could not become big again.

Dragon learned his lesson about Pride and Dragon is now Dragonfly.

I was asked this question: “He was just One with pride. Why are all dragons Dragonflies now?

Why do they suffer for what he did?”

The answer first is... they do not suffer. They have their own medicine now. They still see as others cannot. Plus the new medicine of being able to flit here and there – Earth time and Dream time.

Also it is because it was a time when there was only One to represent them all going foreward – a time to shape the earth as it is now.

If you look today for examples, it is still true: One represents the rest going foreward.

If you have a Dad who once had medicine but it turned bad so now he has issues (maybe he beats the boys at home or abuses the girls) you Become from that. Either you use the medicine the same way because you feel the strength from it and fear what might come without it OR you grow to the opposite.

You give up what Dad thinks is a strength for a new strength (like Dragonfly)

Now that medicine is what {Family Name} means and you will shape your down-line the same way.

You are now One to represent the many going foreward.

Thanks for being there. Miigwetch et Merci

Wawaabonookomis, Petalabomeemee

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