The Story of Eagle

The Story of Eagle

as taught to me by my Auntie Twylah

They say that Eagle soars so graceful and so high that he can talk with Great Spirit.

Long ago, when people wanted to take too much and make life too easy for themselves so it was making other creatures sick, Great Spirit thought to end our life and start again just like in the times of the Fires and the Floods.

Eagle was able to sit with Him through this but also able to swoop low and see the details on the earth.

Eagle told Great Spirit of the people he saw still offering semmaa back to the Ancestors and people who still stood up to welcome the Sun and give thanks for blessings.

Eagle saw people help their Elders and raise their children with affection.

He told Great Spirit of this.

Great Spirit decided not to wreck the world, just yet.

He dealt with Eagle that He would count on Eagle to bring Him news of how people are living on the land. As long as there are people living well and acting in Ceremony, Eagle is to tell Him and He will not wreck the world.

Now Eagle is that messenger to Great Spirit, keeping our world unharmed as long as we show him we want to keep our world unharmed.

We are even given Eagle Feathers to raise up if we have done some outstanding work or made magnificent medicine. Then Great Spirit can see that we have lived well, and continue to protect us on this, our Mother, the Earth.

Thanks for being there. Miigwetch et Merci.

Wawaabonookomis, Petalabomeemee

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