Jingle Dress Dance

Jingle Dance

The Jingle Dress Dance is a healing dance.

A sacred obligation is carried by Jingle Dancers. They may be called upon to dance for the sick, the injured or the grieving.

The metal cones on the Jingle Dress produce a vibration, a song which calls to the spirits to help.

The dance and prayers are very specific.

The energy of the cones is much like any vibrational healing: The Shake tent, Harmonics, Music therapy, Cat purrs.

Many frequencies reach our bodies to act on them, or our bsoul and psyche, to act on them. The jingles of the dress are some of those.

Many of those, in fact, are so often used in our prayers – the drum (our motherès heartbeat), dance, song, rattles (the song of the rains), flutes (the voice of the wind).

Math is the language of the universe. Music is the vibrational expression of math. Therefore, Music is the language and voice of God and the spirits.

Thanks for being there. Miigwetch et Merci.

Wawaabonookomis, Petalabomeemee

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