Hi. I'm Ginger

Hi World,

I'm Ginger.

Mom says sometimes if you have a blog people notice you. They follow you?

They can get on board with your ideals and help you manifest them, even help fund-raise for your acts of kindness and pet projects.

My pet projects are projects for pets. My pet charities are charities for pets. I think creature comforts are comforts for creatures and my pet peeve is peeving pets.

I'm starting a blog like Mom says. I hope you have fun with it, take peace from it.

If you get excited to help with my deepest desires, you'll have to contact Mom about it because I'm a cat.

My deepest desire is to have larger Humane Societies with more money and more volunteers so they may house more needy animals and always be “no kill” institutions.

To contact Mom directly email metiscaravan@gmail.com

Her name is Roni.

To get to know Mom better and see how we are helping to make things happen go to


Thank you World,

Gentle Ginger

Ginger lives at The Keep with 17 other cats, a dog, a rabbit, his mom and some other humans.

He lives a spiritual life with the Circle of the 7th Fire – the teaching/sharing part of Metis Caravan and ADvoCAT; two businesses which make pretty things.

Ginger believes that life is a sharing circle for our big animal family. The world is a place where religions, races, and species can see their similarities and understand each other.

Ginger hopes to one day fill the world with gentleness.

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