I've Been A Grumpy Cat...

November 20, 2016


I've been a grumpy cat.
I finally figured out that what caused it happened days ago and is no longer relavent.
Does that ever happen to you?
Chim-Chim laughed at me when I got my claw caught in a bedsheet on Monday
morning. I've been sleeping alone ever since, curled up in dark corners.
It's Wednesday now.
Last night I hissed at Felix when she came to bed and today I nearly hit two other cats.
They're not even the cats who laughed at me in the first place. They just happened to
walk where I wanted to walk.
Raising my paw to someone like that is what finally clued me in. So I went to my prayer pad
and prayed to the universe. I said to the universe,
"Universe, I have been a grumpy cat. I've been sad and angry over something that no longer
affects my life. I can't seem to get rid of the bad feeling by myself. Universe, please take these
bad feelings from me."
When I was done, Laval came onto my pad and snuggled me with a purr. Who can still be grumpy?
Now I'm in bed with my Mom, Laval and Felix, practically in a fur-pile.
"Thank you, Universe."
Gentle Ginger




Ginger lives at The Keep with 17 other cats, a dog, a rabbit, his mom and some other humans.

He lives a spiritual life with the Circle of the 7th Fire – the teaching/sharing part of Metis Caravan and ADvoCAT; two businesses which make pretty things.

Ginger believes that life is a sharing circle for our big animal family. The world is a place where religions, races, and species can see their similarities and understand each other.


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