We all have internal clocks which are incredibly accurate. Each night at 11 O'clock, Felix curls up in bed beside Mom who usually is working there or watching T.V. I know it's 11 O'clock because if Felix is up past her bedtime, at 11:11 (the wish minute) Mom wishes out loud that Felix would come to bed. The sweetest example of the body clock is Corriander's need for love at 3pm every day. If Mom is sitting down anywhere at 3pm Corriander will find her, climb up and swish back and forth on her lap to be pet, sneeze a couple of times to be blessed with a kiss, and finally lay down on or beside Mom. Corriander is a beautiful, long-haired woman (whom I'm a little in love with) but at 3pm she looks like a vulnerable, freckle-faced, little girl. Frasier, our pride leader, always calls us for pride-time and supper. Sometimes he has to call Mom too. Humans don't always listen to their clocks. At 6pm we go to the kitchen, following Frasier. This proves you can trust your body clock with your schedule. It doesn't set itself based on how many hours between events. It sets itself according to the wall clock. Where we live there is Daylight Savings Time; the time on the clock changes in the Spring and in the Fall. Frasier takes us to supper at 6 O'clock when it is 6 O'clock on the clock. So you see you can always trust your body clock, trust yourself, and trust the universe. Gentle Ginger

Miss Corriander Blessings and Felix the Wonderful Cat

Ginger lives at The Keep with 17 other cats, a dog, a rabbit, his mom and some other humans.He lives a spiritual life with the Circle of the 7th Fire – the teaching/sharing part of Metis Caravan and ADvoCAT; two businesses which make pretty things.Ginger believes that life is a sharing circle for our big animal family. The world is a place where religions, races, and species can see their similarities and understand each other.Ginger hopes to one day fill the world with gentleness.

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