About Us....

Hey, Clan,

Mètis Caravan has the wordiest About Page evah!!!

I know it`s daunting. Tiny writing, long blocks of words. It`s all about me, UGH!

Just read it.

No... just kidding. You don`t have to if you don`t want to read it.

Don`t hate it, just don`t read it.

I`m just going to put it all into the blog anyway.,

In larger print and smaller bits so you can have it all more easily, and explore more fully.

Yep, I`ll be repeating myself.


The reason it is NOT is that I love to see my words in typeface.

In fact I've always preferred a pen.

The reason it IS, is...

Coming next time

....but first, coming next week, a post all about someone else! Someone magnificent is guesting all about art as healing.

Check back. :)

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