A Catlike Curiosity

I like to bring you more ways to make medicine and give you more teachers to help you do that.

This week I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine in the art community and around the WWWeb.

She embraces curiosity and creativity.

She guides you with art therapy and is the painter of Aura Angels.

She's Sarah Leonard.

Here is her own words about creating art for healing and how to be in touch with her.


Healing Your Soul With Art

I am a real advocate of using art to heal. I have seen it's amazing healing and transformative powrs first hand - so I know I can recommend it to others without any hesitation at all!

I used to be a very different person. Very driven, hyper-organised, judgemental and extremely hard on myself.

I was doing well in my career and on the surface of it I should have been very happy with my lot. I'd been promoted, I had my own home by the sea. Bliss!

But something was missing.

I was burnt out and stressed and ended up being seriously depressed. It was awful and I didn't know why.

I had never ever considered myself to be an artist - I couldn't even draw! (Or so I thought). I had tucked art away as being one of the things that naturally talented people do and thought it was for me.

But that nagging feeling and idea had never really left me after all. It was a constant siren song to my soul. I knew I needed to let it in, but I didn't know how.

Eventually, I just decided to go for it - what was the worst that could happen?

I booked myself on an art holiday in Spain (which was just as blissful as it sounds) and created my first tentative pieces of art.

It was a revelation!

All of the things I had thought would bring me happiness - money, losing weight, nights out - hadn't even come close! This simple act of taking time out to put pen and paint to canvas was doing something for me that nothing else ever had!

It was amazing!

If you've never considered using art to heal your life then let me give you some pointers to get you started:

1. Just do it! Whatever supplies you have - biro pens, stubby pencils, old notebooks. Start wherever you are. It doesn't have to be pretty or perfect to begin with. Just let your hands get used to creating things - let them get used to the natural creative rhythms.

2. Let there be ugly! Ugly phases are a part of life and they're a part of creativity. Sometimes things look ugly forever (in which case you can choose to paint over them) or they just look ugle until they're preperly finished. This is totally fine and completely allowed!

3. Don't think about end products or finished results. Just let your heart guide you and be free. So important when starting out.

4. Put on some music in the background to silence the inner critic and his mind monkeys and get started. You'll be so glad you gave yourself this wonderful time out from life's stresses and strains. You'll emerge refreshed and much calmer and centred.

Don't think of art as a luxury that only a few get to take part in - art is for everyone. We are all born creators - it's natural for us to want to create! We do it all of the time when we decorate our homes or choose our clothes.

Why not take the next step and use your creative powers for art making? What have you got to lose?

If you're looking for more inspiration then do check out my website at acatlikecuriosity.com

I have a fabulous and free Curious Library you can join (which is full of gorgeous creative inspiration) plus ECourses and a Sisterhood community to help you shine and grow.

I'd love to help connect you with your inner creative awesome.

Have a wonderful day!

Sarah Leonard

Auric Artist and Creativity Coach.


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