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The Caravans of the Caravan 

It begins with the logo, a medicine wheel intertwined with a wagon wheel. The logo speaks to our name: it is a Red River Cart wheel. It speaks to the mission: it is a medicine wheel, showing us to include everyone; everyone can grow, we all are connected.

As well it speaks quietly to my Gypsy heritage: the wagon (caravan) is how we bring our medicines to you.

Again with the wheel!! Rumpel's Wheel, as in Rumpelstilskin's spinning wheel, crochets purses, drum bags, cat toys and cat beds. We love cats! Crocheted is made from 50%poly. We love natural, we also love to let you machine wash for ease. Some bags are on the site, the rest is at Etsy.

Remember we love cats? ADvoCAT signs and ads, so named for the board of directors - our multiple cats - and because 'we let our signs speak for you'. We do all major sign work, print advertising, other useful art from sign materials. It is also how we print our books at Metis Caravan and a lot of our art as well. We Can Print Your Photography On Canvas. check out adcatcaravan, or order direct at

Crazy Cat Lady's Caravan of Crafts

It's all about cats and cat lovers. we make wonderful gifts from recycled cat-use materials such as cat food cans, cat food boxes. We make things for cats such as toys, huts, beds, and kitty-cat medicine pouches filled with catnip.

These are all truly sold from a caravan at The Keep in Belwood.


Metis Caravan and Rumpel's Wheel stock is also sold from tepees at The Keep and ADvoCAT is located at The Keep in Belwood, On. open Sundays from noon til dark and by appointment. 


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